Nos kit includes:
NOS Dispenser with saftey lock, (5) 16 gram nitrous chargers, 6 zip ties, 6 ft of Hose, Velcro strap,
heavy duty brass Fittings, lock nut, 1 boost sticker and complete instructions.
Our kits are designed to mount directly to your handle bars so that you never have to remove your
hands from the grips as you trigger the nitrous. You can rotate your handle bars completely
from one side to the next.  All our kits come with high quality brass fittings, custom made velcro strap and
over sized 1/4 ID Hose. The NOS Dispencer is Secured With the VELCRO STRAP. This allows you to
easily refill your nitrous chargers as needed. The nitrous hose mounts directly into your intake system
thru the airbox, air filter, intake manifold or thru the rear of your boost bottle with the fittings supplied. If you
do decide to mount the your nitrous kit to the manifold we offer a predrilled intake  here in our store.
Nos Kit                $44.99