Chain tensioner kit includes:
Standard Tensioner Bracket, Teeter totter bracket,  roller bearing pulley, spring and holder.

Standard bearing idler pulley

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New for 2011 is Boost Bottle Industries motorized bicycle chain tensioner.

Utilizing the original factory tensioner bracket adding a welded bolt to the upper
section to allow for added chain clearances and adding a teeter totter bracket
with a mechanical spring and holder . Weve welded a stopper to the back side
of the teeter totter bracket so that it doesn't kick back to far..

See our kit installed at this link.

See below for additional infornmation.
Teeter  bracket, spring and holder    $19.99

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Factory oem bracket - welded upper  bolt $9.99

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Idler bearing pulley     $ 9.99
Additional information:

Introducing our new Spring loaded chain tensioner.

Designed to keep your chain at that perfect tension all the time.

Throttleing your engine on and off, uneven rubbers and the sprocket not being perfectly aligned around the hub will cause your
chain to tighten and loosen as you ride.

Having a spring loaded tensioner will compensate for those imperfections.

No more constant re-adjustment of the chain due to stretching.  

Using our oem bracket with the now welded bolt will prevent you from having to do any alterations to your current idler. Just simply
remove it and replace it with our new and improved spring loaded tensioner idler pulley.

Thinking of purchasing just our teeter bracket.  Yes can use your existing oem idler bracket if its the long style like ours with
some minor alterations. It is recommended that you install the teeter bracket to the highest point of the idler in a T formation if your
performing this task your self.   The fixing bolt will need to be oversized (example3/8)  so you will need to open the gap a little
either with a round file or a 3/8 drill bit.  A washer is needed to act as a spacer between your existing idler and the swing-arm.

New and improved 1/4 stop pin has been welded to the teeter bracket to ensure that the swing arm cannot kick down too far.

Standard bearing Gear idler pulley

Includes 3/8 bolt and nut not pictured

Out of stock!
Pulley uses 3/6 bolt not included        $19.99