Hi Everyone and welcome to our customer pics page. Ive gotten several emails requesting we put together
a customer pics page so here it is.  To post a pic send your pics by clicking the contact us link  below.
Quad  with 150cc engine. by: Simon Turner
Heres what Simon had to say: Alittle bit of carb adjustments and now quad is flyin, very happy with speed. Higher up revs, not so much low range.
Stand up 33cc scooter by: Jamie Ottawa
The scooter is a Rebel 33cc. mods are duel boost bottles, racing carb,high performance air filter,
nos kit, spark plug amplifier, racing pipe(: I have not clocked it , but it does about 40 km.
The bike is a Greenline Stretch Cruiser with a 70cc 2-stroke. Custom motor mounts, Custom sprocket (32T Drive) Nitrous boost.
While cruising along at 35MPH a quick shot of the Nitrous and the rpms come up and I pull away from the competition.

Fun bike to ride...a true conversation piece......Thank you

Barron Booker
Gainesville, FL
Swinn del mar by: Cody
I love the boost bottle. works great.
Motorized bike by: Mike
I really like the way the boost bottle works!