Hi Everyone and welcome to our customer pics page. Ive gotten several emails requesting we put together
a customer pics page so here it is.  To post a pic send your pics by clicking the contact us link  below.
Red Mountain Bike with a 70cc 2 stroke engine. By: John Gavina (Large Filipino)
Heres what John had to say:  THANK YOU for the boost bottle. I put my bottle  on my 70cc Chinese
engine that's getting pretty popular. Anyway, just want to say thanks cause this boost bottle really
improved my performance VASTLY. It's pretty amazing. I took it for a ride. Immediately I noticed,  
before  It lugged when  starting off, needing some pedaling so it can sing, now it just doesn't lug any
more. You release the clutch and it just takes off SMOOTH. Slow or fast,it's just SMOOTH. Also on
the speed trap around the block I gained...one mph. But it has an air leak by the hose. I'll get back to
this once fixed. Overall, the yellow compliments my eyes,and it's SUPAFLY! I am overall happy.
more information for me please email.This is what I know.
43cc Red stand up scooter
Installed NOS KIT
Grey Cruiser  with a 70cc 2 stroke engine. By: Joel Vanderhoof (JoelVanderhoof)
Heres what Joel had to say: . I  took the bike out for a spin and found that I really needed to adjust the idle and  carb screw. The bike was
practically going at cruising speed with my old idle settings after i tightened the carb screw,  A few adjustments later I got it working great.
I'm getting a lot more power while using a lot less gas too. This was a great addition to the bike.
Heres what Asz had to say: . I wish I had more of a fitted solution for the boost bottle as it does have some slight movement to it, but everything else
is butter. Top speed is crazy fast, for me at least. I took her full throttle down a few streets here the other night and must have hit at least 35mph
Black cruiser with GX160 4 stroke engine. By: ScrollerGuy
Heres what ScrollerGuy had to say:   What a rush and a pain!  My custom made boost bottle arrived last week, and I installed it over the past couple of days.
The GX160 doesn't have an intake, so I did what any gearhead would do. After locating a piece of billet aluminum, I made a spacer by hand. I had to cut off the barb quite a
bit, but let me say this, now the engine does run smoother AND, I can bounce the speedo needle off the rpm on my gauge. Before it would just go to 50.
Anybody that doubts this works , I can tell them that it does!
72 Classic spoke dresser with 70cc 2 stroke engine. By: Nathan Striker
Heres what Nathan had to say: Here are some pics of my classic 72 spoke dresser with my boost bottle. Great product
21 speed Mongoose mountain bike with 70cc 2 stroke engine and boost bottle Kit added.
Diamond back mountain bike with a 80cc 2 stroke engine. By:  William Embry (quarkdude)
Heres a post he made in regards to the effects of a boost bottle.