Step 1) Remove gas tank and seat upper fairing cover, by removing the 3
bolts,  2 at the  seat and 1 bolt in front of gas tank (see illustrations 1 and 2)
Directions for installing your NOS kit.
We   will be using  a  lucky 7 47/49cc pocket bike for this demonstration.
Step 2) Install your nos dispenser on the handle bars as pictured in Illustration 3 and run your hose (Pictured as
clear hose) from the bars along the brake cable as pictured in
Illustration 4  and thru the frame as pictured in
Illustration 5. Be sure to secure the hose to the frame with the zip ties supplied with your kit as seen in Illustrations
6 and 7.
I suggest running the hose on the right side of the frame  to keep it away from the exhaust system . Once
you run it along the frame towards the rear you will have 3 options for connecting your NOS kit hose.
recommend Option  (1)
(Option 1) mount it directly to your air filter with the fittings supplied as seen in Illustration 8. (Option 2) Mount it
directly to the rear  of your boost bottle with the fittings supplied as seen in
Illustration 9  (Option 3)  Mount it
directly to your intake with the fittings supplied as seen in
Illustration 10
Thats all there is to it. Hope this was helpfull. If you need
more help with removing your intake maifold for drilling see
instructions on how to install a boost bottle. If you need help
with drilling your intake see instructions for drilling your
manifold. If you have any further questions please use the
contact us link on our home page.
Illustration 1
Illustration 2
Illustration 3
Illustration 4
Illustration 5
Illustration 6
Illustration 7
Illustration 8
Option 1
Option 2
Illustration 9
Illustration 10
Note: our new 2008 kits now use dot approved black hose and union type fittings
along with a real nice velcro strap but the install directions are still the same.