Ok you asked for it so here it is.  I will use a completely stock lucky 7 47/49cc pocket bike to
install a boost bottle kit. I will show you step by step instructions on how to properly install
your boost bottle  kit.
Place your pocket bike in a clean area on a stand if possible. Get your tools together that were
supplied with your pocket bike. You may also want a plastic hammer and a cresent wrench.
Using the tools that were supplied with your pocket bike remove the rear wheel. This is easily accomplished by
removing the large outside rear nuts and sliding the bolt all the way out. You may need your plastic hammer to help get
the bolt along. Push the wheel slightly forward and remove the chain, then remove the wheel.
Remove the air box cover by removing the 2 screws right there in front. Then remove the 2 allen bolts inside the carburator.  Now lift up on
the carberator gently trying not to rip your gaskets and place it up agaist the frame out of your way. Theres no need to remove the cables.
Now remove the intake manifold by removing the 4 allen bolts and again be carefull not to rip the gaskets.
Now your ready to install your boost bottle kit. Note if you didn't purchase a intake with your kit you will need to drill a hole and tap
your existing intake using a 5/16 x 1/8 npt tap. Note: The fitting supplied with your kit will need to be shortened. You will want to
leave only 2 barbs on the hose fitting to allow for clearance issues. Using a hack saw or a regular table grinder remove 2 of the
barbs and install your fitting. Now install your hose on the fitting before installing your intake. This will save you from fighting with it
later. Install your intake and tighten down the bolts . I recommend using medium loctite for installation to prevent bolts from loosing
Please do not use ATV silicon  to seal your gaskets this is sloppy and I don't support the use of it. When you purchased your
pocket bike new the manufactor did not use it so why should you.
Now mount your boost bottle to the frame using the zip ties supplied with your kit. Then run your hose along the frame and connect
it too your boost bottle, you may want to trim your hose to get a nice fit along the frame. Now its time to start putting everything
back together. Install your carberator, air box and then your wheel. Be sure to check the tension of your chain and dont over
tighten it. I always recemend rotating your wheel and checking the chain in several locations before tightening down your wheel.
Now take that monster out for a run and be safe!!!