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New Features:
Flush smooth finish, all our boost bottles are sanded to a smooth finish and primered before paint.

Boost stickers are available in 9 new colors


Adding a boost bottle will add 15 to 20% Horse power at the bottom end of your power band at steady throttle by bringing up torque and horse power sooner in the RPM range, save 10 to 15% in gas consumption, cause your engine to run smoother with less engine vibration. It will make the engine wake up at lower RPM's by increasing throttle response and acceleration. You will notice a gain in top end speed of 3-5 MPH. The boost bottle will store unburned fuel vapors in the form of atomized fuel. It will then provide a sudden boost when the throttle is opened.

Read what customers had to say!

March 26 - Holy Crap. It works!
April 18 - Fast delivery, product looks great on my 49cc chopper!!! A+++ Rated seller.
May 26 - Improved my moped by 5 mph!! Really works!! Easy to install!! Fast shipping!! A+
May 30 - Super fast delivery and awesome product.
July 5 - Great item prompt responce from seller,works perfectly and looks very trick,A++
July 11 - A+++++ Seller FAST SHIPPING GREAT comunication, the best boost bottle made.
July 24 - Awesome product...Highly recommended...Fast shipping...
Oct. 11 - Thank you, super fast shipping and gained 10mph plus a ton of acceleration
Oct. 17 - I installed it yesterday, it works! It added speed & more power too the engine! A++
Oct. 25 - I never thought it would work!!! It was unbelivable once I got the carb tuned!!!
Jan. 9 - Nice boost bottle,I put one on my golf cart and it did amazing things.
Jan. 16 - Great Booster! Love the extra power on my bike.
Jan. 22 - Part works great fast Delivery.Great ebayer.
Feb. 12 - It is Awesome it improved my scooter by 6 mph.
Feb. 15 - AWESOME!! ADDED 7+ MPH AND TONS OF ACCELERATION A+++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb. 23 - Great product REALLY WORKS gained 4 mph and awesome resonce A++++
Apr. 11 - A + Works made my pocket bike do wheelies off the take off and increased top speed.
Apr. 30 - Great product it really works!!! Lots more low end power & 2-3 mph faster!!!
May. 15 - Great product, Definitely works,Wheel spins and 5 kms on top easily.
May. 30 - The thing really works Kick Ass!!!
Jun. 22 - Great performance gains in low end & Top end gains of 11 mph on Radar!!!
Sep. 20 - Great item, gave huge Boost to my 4 stroke!!! Up to 6mph. Highly recemended.

Our boost bottle Kits fit!!!

All the large/mid Superbikes, Dirt Dog, X-treme XG and XP models, scooter X
R1 pocket bikes, go-peds,cat-eye, X1, X2, X3, etc., 49cc choppers, Meritmax scooters,
X formulas, Road Rat go carts, 43cc Dingfeng Machinery Co. engines, Hausheng engines

Now for the Facts!!!

There are many different size boost bottles to choose from. When choosing a boost bottle kit make sure the boost bottle is made for your particular engine size. Buying one over sized will not help the performance, only hurt you.
There are other sellers out there claimimg one size fits all, this is just not true. Boost bottles do not adjust to your engine. Building a boost bottle is an art form. It must be built to the correct size and volumn. All our kits include detailed instructions with picture illustrations to help make your installation an easy one. We also have a website www.boostbottleindustries.com with links to information and instruction pages to assist you. You can use the contact link if you have any questions.

NOTE: Though this bottle kit comes with detailed installation instructions, This upgrade will require modification of your intake manifold. This process is simple and can be done using a small table vise and hand drill. Drilling a 23/64" hole for installation of a hose fitting to your manifold is required. To install this boost bottle kit you will need a hand drill, drill bit, small table vise and a 1/8npt tap. If you prefer, we offer pretapped intakes with the fittings already installed for your convience. SEE ABOVE

How does a boost bottle work?

It's function is to absorb & release pressure pulses within the intake vein, assisting engine breathing. Now an explanation of exactly what goes on involves a lot of physics and a good understanding of fluid dynamics & pressure zones, but can be explained rather easily. During the intake stroke, air is sucked through the intake manifold and into the port at a considerable velocity. Because of this velocity, the air is said to have relative inertia. Now, when the intake valve closes, the kinetically charged air suddenly has nowhere to go, creating a high-pressure area. Naturally, the air wants to release its pressure in the easiest way possible, so it tries to shoot back out the way it came, creating a pressure wave in the opposite direction we want it. Then no sooner dose the wave begin to travel, the intake valve suddenly opens again leaving the motor to try and pull the pressure wave back in again. This dramatically effects low RPM, wastes energy and kills low-end performance. Now the same engine, but with a BOOST BOTTLE. Air goes whistling down the manifold until the intake valve closes. The air, still all charged up with energy tries to escape back up the manifold but is met with a small port that has a residual vacuum. This vacuum being caused by the previous suction of the intake stroke, sucks most of the pulse inside the Boost Bottle, storing much of the pulse’s energy. The intake valve then suddenly opens, creating a low-pressure area outside of the Boost Bottle. The gasses then shoot out of the Boost Bottle, directly into the intake system as a pressure pulse, instead of having to be pulled in by the piston. More air is then also pulled in from the manifold to completely fill the cylinder… Thus giving you an additional boost of power.

(NOS) Warning!

Boost bottle kits are not Nitrous Oxide (NOS)
Boost bottles work off the combustion of your engine and do not require any fuel additives or maintenance. A boost bottle will last the life of your engine and does not pose any danger to your engine mechanically.

Nitrous Oxide (NOS) injected into the cylinder will momentarily increase horsepower by 40 to 60 percent. However the life of the engine maybe significantly reduced. The little engines are not designed for sustained operation at the incredibly high power levels produced by the nitrous kits.

Now for other modification tips:
Air resistance through the air filter or carburetor can robb power from the engine. Adding an air filter, velocity stack and high performance exhaust system can dramatically increase your horse power and overall performance. These add-ons can run you approx $120.00 if you keep your eye open for deals on eBay. I hope this was helpful to you and I was able to answer all your questions.

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