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Bottle Industries
You've reached our boost bottle home page.
Below you will find links to our boost bottle kits.
Find the one that closely matches the size of your particular engine.

Our kits are carefully built taking into account the size and length of hose
along with the  inside diameter of each bottle to give you a exceptional product.

If you have a 48cc engine you would pick the link that lists 47cc - 49cc.  

Our kits do work on both 2 and 4 stroke engines.

Note: There are engines  like the 49cc 4 stroke bicycle engine that don't have a intake
manifold big enough to install the fitting supplied. In this case you would need to
remove the stock manifold (usually a spacer) and replace it with a larger one.
See our customer pics page for examples.

See our intake manifolds page for predrilled intakes.
Specialize in the manufacturing of
boost bottles for pocket bikes and
stand up scooters. We also offer
custom sizes at request.